This program is well-planned and organized. With participants from diverse cultural and ethnic background, this program has widened my knowledge and educated me culturally and intellectually. Being able to interact and understand such diversity is indeed   very challenging, as each individual has a different perspective at all times and this has made me more sensitive towards global understanding in the pursuit of world peace.

The orientation programs at Washington have prepared participants with a wide spectrum of topics, covering American education and schools to the culture of the American people. It was indeed a wonderful experience to together as a group, though diverse but sharing the same goals of education.

IREX staff have been very supportive and they have provided the participants with the support and assistance in making our stay there memorable and comfortable. With our international colleagues, participants have to make an effort to work together to sustain a good working relationship. The faculty and staff of Drexel University have supported us in our stay there, and they have gone to their great lengths in making our stay there as memorable and rewarding. Drexel University through it’s uniqueness and variety of non-academic programs have kept me occupied and intellectually motivated and challenged. There were so many events in and around campus that I have to manage my time well, so that I am able to attend those events. In fact, the Malaysian participants have participated in the “Festival of nations” event organized by the Multicultural Education department of Drexel University and we got the 1st prize for being the best booth.

This program is unique in a way that the participants are able to learn and experience American culture and it’s diversity. Auditing the education classes and sharing our experiences with the...