Final Portfolio

Final Project Portfolio
This course has taught me a lot about the different forms of writing in business depending on information is being communicated. The lessons learned in this class will greatly enhance my ability to interact and communicate with various individuals throughout my current company, as well as those I may encounter in future career areas.  
For a long time I believed that writing was writing, and as long as I could formulate words into a sentence, and construct a paragraph from a few of those sentences; then I would okay as I progressed forward in life. Since entering the “real” world it has been a different story altogether.   I have witnessed how something a person writes in an email can be misconstrued in multiple ways to mean something entirely different by the recipient.   And at times this “received interpretation” can cause problems that were completely unintended.   Communication in all forms: verbal, non-verbal and written are vitally important to the success or failure of a message.   This class has taught me the importance of using proper tone, organization of the message, and knowing when to write it out or talk it out.   These lessons and will help me to succeed in areas of my professional career that may not have been attainable previously (or would have come at a later time in my life).  
I will definitely take the information and topics from this course forward with me throughout my professional (as well as my personal) endeavors, with the hope that I will continue to grow as a person from experience and knowledge