Dttls Summative Assessments

Describe in general how the results of summative assessment (e.g. pass rates, module scores, final exam results) are used as part of internal and external quality reviews in your institution.

I work in a sixth form college, it serves a wide area and offers a broad range of course subjects. The college offers traditional sixth form subjects such as As and A levels and also a wide range of vocational courses with subjects as diverse as Massage Therapy and Catering. Each of these courses has a form of assessment, whilst meeting with my mentor we discussed the other forms of assessment that occur within the college.   There are appraisals and lesson observations as part of the colleges’ ongoing internal quality control procedure, which are organised and assessed internally. Information regarding success rates and achievement records are accessible on the college’s web page.
Once on the course the students may be faced with summative assessment these assessments may be known as Qualification. These formal assessments are generally set by external governing bodies; the qualification may be gained from passing a formal exam, writing a coursework document or being visually assessed, on the course I teach on all of the prior forms of assessment are employed and used. The numbers generated from these exams and assessments go to giving the college its exam success rates. The exam success rates are based upon the amount of students starting a course, compared to the amount of students finishing the course and how many of those achieve a pass grade. This success rate is very important for attracting future students and funding.