This essay will review a range of different assessment methods and explain the assessment I would use in my subject area. It will also evaluate the use of assessment methods including reference to initial assessment. Also I will use examples to justify the assessment methods and how assessment records are kept and explain the reasons why.
There are 3 types of assessment initial, summative and formative there are many views and arguments about all 3 this essay will look at all the arguments for and against the assessment types.
Initial assessment helps identify a learner’s skill against a level within the national standards. Initial assessments are often used to help place learners in appropriate learning programmes. It helps the teacher give work to the learner that is at there level so it’s not too hard or easy and at the level of the learner.
“In making judgements, consider…the extent to which, for all learners…initial assessment provided an accurate basis on which to plan an appropriate programme of work” (Sumpter & Spirit 2001).
However many would argue there are different ways of initial assessment paper based or computer based. Many young people in my experience achieve different levels of assessment using the different types. This is because young people just guess the answer while sat at the computer while if they have paper assessment they have to read the questions. Also following a initial assessment there is a diagnostic test which shows the learner where they need to improve. However diagnostic tools do not always spot particular difficulties or barriers to learners.
Summative assessments could be in the form of an exam, this usually happens at the end of year or end of programme. Staff are familiar with exams and work towards them during the year so learners should no the answers. However exams are known to cause anxiety and tests are sometimes written by people who have never taught the subject. Exams are unreliable when marked by various people...