Different Assessment Methods Available

Assessment is uses as a form of testing to establish if learning has taken place. It provides information to the teacher and learner about their progress in order to develop future learning. Assessments provide information about the learners level of achievements this can be done by either using formal assessments such as certification of qualification or though less formal assessments such as ILPs. There are many forms of assessment and they all show if a range of skills have been learnt but it maybe necessary to use more than one assessment to show the same learner outcome.
Oral Questions are the most commonly used in teaching and is using though out the session to show the learners understanding. It is in instant way of involving the learners to show what they already knew and what they’ve learnt. The teacher must be aware that they do not single out any one learner but to encourage all the learners to have the opportunity to answer.
Self Assessment encourages the students to think about what learning styles work best for them it is also a good way to teach the learners how to reflect. By stating what parts of the lesson they enjoyed and what they got out of the session. This form of assessment is also beneficial to the teacher as it shows how the students felt about the session and change anything that does not work for the students.
Group work assesses how learners interact with each other. It gives them the opportunity to voice their opinion and have an input in the project or discussion. Teachers must be aware of any bulling that may take place as some students can be more over powering then others.
Diagnostic assessment can show if there are any learning difficulties that need to address. It shows that all students are coming in on the same level of learning for the subject i e level 2 or 3. Diagnostic does not work for all subjects as it does not give a true picture of the student’s ability or knowledge of the subject.
Project work can be in a group...