Dse141 Tma02 Pt 1

Assignment DSE141 TMA 02: Essay

Compare and contrast how Skinner and Harlow have used non-human animals in behavioural research.

In my essay I will identify how the work on researching animals behaviour of

Both Skinner and Harlow are very similar. I will describe different techniques

They used to get significant findings when they both came to the conclusion

That this could be used on humans behavior too.

Burrhus Frederic Skinner was born in 1904, in a small Pennsylvania railroad town of Susquehanna. Growing up he enjoyed exploring the natural environment and making mechanical devices. He later gained a place at Harvard University to research Psychology where he received his Ph.D. in 1931. Harry Harlow was born in 1905 in Fairfield, Iowa. He was the second youngest of four boys. Harlow graduated from Stanford University where he had studied Psychology gaining a Ph.D. in 1930.

Skinner had an eccentric reputation he was pre occupied with wanting to better the human real world problems. His work involved mainly rats and pigeons as it was easier and cheaper to do the experiments on them. Reflections on Part 2 (2010) Skinner had a theory that behaviour which is reinforced tends to be repeated In other words if you was to reward an animal for a particular behaviour then the chances of that being repeated is almost
certain to happen again. To explore this theory Skinner made up a box for the experiment, later it became known as the ‘Skinner box.’

Assignment DSE141 TMA 02: Essay

It was big enough to fit a pigeon inside, it had three sides with clear glass windows with a food bin at the back. Above the food tray were three discs that lit up. The pigeon would peck at the discs. Each disc had markings on. The first being a cross, second a square shape while the last one had no markings on. The pigeon in the experiment was trained to approach the food tray when he heard a click and saw a light come on. The food pellet was then...