Team Work Process

Teamwork Practice    
In our team, the very first thing for us was that we confirmed the roles of each person. After clarifying each one’s role, HR, Marketing, Sales etc. we sat around the table. Due to time tight condition and oriented task, we didn’t spend time on analyzing each department demand for CFO position. We just started to demonstrate everyone’s viewpoints on selecting the candidates one by one, including the candidate’s final choice, the reasons of choosing certain candidate and the reasons not to choose the other two candidates. During the process, everyone can raise the doubt to the other’s reason of choosing certain candidate. After that, we found that our team had three different choices on selecting candidates overall. At that time, one of our teammates proposed to vote for final decision-making based on the assumption that some teammates may change their own choice. However, all of the teammates insisted on their original choices, one for the first candidate, two for the second candidate, two for the third candidate. Finally, we focused on the second and third candidate and our team also gave us time to think about the two candidates. One of teammates who chose the second candidate demonstrated that the second candidate was from other company and it would less cause office politics. This reason persuaded me and the other one who chose the first candidate previously. Then our team’s decision-making was finalized. During the whole process, my feeling is that the team environment is friendly and conformable. Although we didn’t point out a team leader, one of our teammates who was active in the whole process was dominating the direction of the final decision-making.