In-Depth Understanding the Working Process of the Dryer

Phenomenon, Many weeks to feed combination distribution, effective control the drying time, drying effect is good.Coal dust: setting dryer, drying, heat for, Realizing mechanization, automation, to operate environmental requirements.Coal rotary dryer has Strong anti overload ability, large handling capacity, less fuel consumption, low dry cost.Adopt downstream drying method, the hot air with wet materials enter into the dryer by the same side, can use the high temperature air to achieve very high evaporation strength, the exist temperature of dryer is low, the thermal efficiency is high.

By feed screw coal slime directly into the crushing roller drum dryer,was on the wall of the copy plate repeated start to copy, after crushing devices strike endlessly picturequre scene after a scattered materials and negative pressure of high temperature medium fully contact, complete the heat and mass transfer process.Because of roller angle and lead points wind function,and the material is feeding the slow-moving, after drying by discharging spiral eduction,exhaust through duster discharged into the atmosphere.The investment of slime drying machine is very broad prospects of natural.The first coal slime drying machine is a kind of environmental protection type of drying equipment, such equipment formally now advocated by the national laws and policies.So in some areas of our country investment in such equipment will be part of a state subsidy.On the other hand, now the domestic coal resources with the mining, less and less,while domestic coal price is higher. However, coal price is very low.According to different materials' properties change operation parameters, make the material in the dryer cylinder body can form a stable all broken fabric curtain, qualitative heat is more fully.

New feeding and discharging device eliminate the feeding jams, discontinuous, uneven and returning charge etc. Phenomenon, reduce the load of dust removal system.Coal slime water control:...