Driving to Work

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Driving to Work
Philip Lavoie BSN, RN, CCRN
University of Phoenix

Driving to Work
      Driving to work is a task that I perform three times per week. I spend approximately about 40 to 45 minutes on the road from house to hospital. While performing this task it is difficult, if not impossible, to perform any other task that I need to do throughout the week. Traffic is a problem along with how many lights I sit at that delay my progress on the road. I try to obey the speed limit that varies depending on which road I am on but at times I find myself doing well above the speed limit to keep with the flow of traffic.
      In order to perform this task I must have a dependable car, gas, and leave in enough time to allow for travel. I have a red convertible mustang that makes the ride a little bit more enjoyable while performing this task. I have to stop about once a week and allow enough time to refuel. I listen to music to help pass the time while on my journey. The car is capable of going much faster than the speed limit so I must be careful not to let my heavy foot push too hard on the gas pedal. A great feature on this car is cruise control when I chose to use it.
      While traveling many unforeseen factors affect my travel time. I have encountered storms, accidents, broken down cars, road construction, and bottlenecking at certain areas on my route. I have not been late for work in the three months that I have been employed at this facility because I allow enough time for unforeseen circumstances that may hinder my progression.
      My global positioning system (GPS) has picked my route to the hospital and is supposedly the shortest distance between the two points. There are various routes that I could take to my destination that, although they may be longer in distance, they may take less time due to lights and traffic. I have on occasion taken different routes when for example I have missed my exit. These alternate...