When viewing Leonardo da Vinci's drawings, it is very clear to see how he was fascinated with the human body, and the different functions it can perform. In a lot of his drawings da Vinci he has skeletal parts such as skulls put together in different positions and different dimensions; he in addition has art pieces containing babies in a female’s wombs. Da Vinci seemed to me to be interested in many different types of drawings but really focused on the human body, however he did also have drawings of the country Tuscany, different boat designs, and an artillery park. Da Vinci really had no limit to his drawings and how he viewed them, it seems he was trying to become skilled and wanted to extend his range of art work. It seems as if Da Vinci sensed that the more he was able to identify and recognize different effects, the more enhanced, his drawings and   paintings would be.

When viewing Michelangelo’s drawings it made me believe that he probably viewed the world through a single dimensional point of view. I also became aware of, that in some of his drawings; he began to get a slight more three dimensional after a short time. I believe that Michelangelo’s drawings demonstrate that he viewed the world in a completely diverse illumination than most everyone else, and as a result his drawings confirmed this belief.

Both da Vinci and Michelangelo are very different and unique in all aspects of their life and the way they depict not only there drawings but there art pieces as well. They both had a very different view point on the way they saw the world and life around them, to me this is what makes them unique and interesting.