Texts Draw on the Ideas and Attitudes of the Time and Place in Which It Was Written

“Every text draws on the ideas and attitudes of the time and place in which it was written and which it is set. However, it may have many ways of treating these – perhaps agreeing with some and being critical of others, or possibly avoiding them altogether”
All texts derive ideas and attitudes from the context of the time in which they are set and written. The Modern Period began in approximately 1890 and went through to about the 1950’s. The events of this time had impacts on the text written at the time and influenced the texts subject matter and style. In the Modern Period, composers began to experiment with text types and began to go against the formalities and structures of earlier periods. Women began to be more involved in society and more and more women began to write. Composers also began to express their opinions more freely, often explored previously taboo subjects such as sexuality and criticized political institutions. They wrote to shock and wrote bluntly about the things going on around them and did not try to “cover” up the bad things and make life seem wonderful.
The social context of the Modern Period was a lot different to the preceding Victorian Period. There was change everywhere in society and it was very quick change. The roles of genders were becoming much less defined. Women finally began to gain freedom and rights in society, for example, Australia gave women the right to vote on a federal level in 1902 and were among the first in the world to be granted this right. New work types and opportunities were starting to be created in many different parts of the world. Also, class structures were starting to be challenged. People began to question the structures and hierarchies of society and people in lower classes began to fight for freedom and for the same rights as everyone else in society.
The historical context of the Modern Period was mainly composed of the rise in totalitarian leadership – the belief that everyone should have...