Drawings of Leonardo Da Vinci

The Drawings of Leonardo Da Vinci and Michel Angelo

The drawing of Da Vinci and Angelo
ART/101 Patricia Singh
Amy Chittenden
University Of Phoenix

When looking at Leonardo Da Vinci's drawings, you can clearly see how he was intrigued with the human body, and the way it worked. In many of his drawing he had skulls from different angles and different sizes, he also had pictures of a baby in a mothers womb. Da Vinci to me was all over the place, as he had drawings of Tuscany, boat designs, an artillery park. It just seems like there was no limit to what Da Vinci was trying to learn to be able to broaden his spectrum. I feel that Da Vinci felt that the more he knew of different things, the better, his painting would be, because he would be more open to different ideas and views, and also be able to open the eyes of his followers in the same way.
When looking at Michelangelo drawing I cant help but think that he saw the world through a single dimension view. I also noticed that in some of his drawing that he started to get a little more three dimensional after awhile. I think that Michelangelo drawings show that he saw the world in a totally different light than most everyone else, and therefore his drawing proved this.
Both artist were and are unique in every aspect of life and the way they portrayed not only there drawing but there paintings as well. They both had a very different look on life and the world around them, and I think that is what made each one so famous.


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