Do Hard Things

Ellis Harris                                                                                                   1/20/12
English 9                                                                                                       D.H.T RD

There are many things I struggle with in life that needs to be fixed. One thing is school, I have many weak spots in school because I have a hard time staying focused. Another thing I struggle with is being easily distracted. I don’t know how I got like this but since 7th grade I can never stay focused in class. I also have a hard time staying focused on my work. Lastly I struggle with putting effort into my work. I am a big procrastinator and I often just hand anything in without taking the time to really do it.

I have already started trying to change my ways with help from Mrs.Lydon. One thing we did to attempt to avoid distractions is move my seat away from my friend Jake. I also think that if I study more often it would be putting a lot more effort in my work. We also agree that if I do my homework it will help with me struggling in school also putting effort in my work. Lastly we agreed that setting a bedtime will help as well with school because then I won’t be so tired and falling asleep in school.

To help fix these things I could have people help me. First I think my mother can help a lot because she did well in school and in the subjects I struggle in but she can also be a distraction at times. Another person who I think can help is Mrs.Lydon because her class is one of the most difficult classes for me and she has a good way of putting things so that I understand it. Finally I think that my friend Jake Deford can help because he is very smart and if I don’t understand something I can just ask him to explain it to me.

I figured out action plans to make it tough to back out. For example I could do my homework somewhere else in the house instead of my bed where it’s easy to fall asleep   and never get it...