Deniros Game

During civil wars people help others in order to survive the war. Surviving during

a war is a hard thing to do usually the strongest and luckiest people survive. During wars

the people who learn how to adapt are most likely to survive, the same could be said

about surviving in today’s society. Survival can also be seen in the book deniros game

written by Rawi Hage and is based on the civil war in Beirut, Lebanon. The author was

living in Lebanon during the civil war and later immigrated to Canada. The book is based

on the lives of Bassam the narrator and George his childhood friend. The novel shows the

different paths that the two follow as they face the difficult choice of whether to stay in

Beirut and get involved in organized crime, or to leave Lebanon and build a new life in

another country. The book had a mixture of English and Arabic. The book shows the

desperate measures people take to survive through the eyes of Bassam, George and

Abou-Nahra, George’s boss

      Bassam is the narrator in the book; everything is seen through his eyes. Bassam is a

character who is obsessed on leaving Beirut to live abroad “I was not escaping the war; I

was running away from Fairuz, the notorious singer”. , he would do anything to leave

Beirut he even resulted in crime. He had no living family members, at the first chapter of

the book he was living with his mother but she later died during a bomb blast in their

neighborhood. He was a violent man who murdered people and stole money, he was very

rude and was described as being a thug by abou-dolly, his neighbor. He worked

at a dock where he got little pay when he decided on leaving Beirut he and George

participated in a scam to fund his escape. The scam was on a casino owned by Abou–

Nahra, the head of the militia. He later got contacted by Abou–Nahra to the join the

militia, he at first refused the offer because he believed Abou-nahra had...