Let's Talk About Real Situations

Every school in the world has school mascots and it never seemed to be a big deal what symbol represented their school, but nowadays people are making it into a big issue. In the state of Colorado Senator Suzanne Williams is concerned with unimportant topics such as Indian mascots when she should be worried about real world issues.   Since Williams is overly concerned about Indian mascots shouldn’t she also be worried about all the other human mascots such as: Trojans, Farmers, Red Skins, Miners, and Pirates? She may think it is discrimination to have an Indian as a mascot, but it’s not. Humbold.edu it states “a person, animal, or object adopted by a group as a symbolic figure especially to bring them luck”, which means no matter what type of mascot your school may have they are not meant to represent a certain race or culture; instead they are there to unite a school as one. No matter what the school logo is there will always be someone who doesn’t agree with it, so instead of worrying about mascots why don’t we get to the real world problems? Senator Williams may be putting all her focus on high school mascots because she doesn’t want people to worry about the atrocious events happening on this place we call earth.
Colorado School Districts are being forced to make drastic budget cuts for the upcoming years. It is very sad that the governor is cutting everyone’s budget because of shortage in money. The more the budgets get cut the less money there will be for books, programs, and school functions. “Governor Ritter has proposed a $260 million cut in funding for kindergarten through twelfth grade, which is nearly a five percent reduction in funding” (kktv.com). Five percent may not seem like a lot but for poor schools it is a big deal. Instead of Senator Williams worrying about mascots she should be more concerned about school budgets.
Williams should be trying to help out people in need like those who were involved in the Haiti earthquake. There are many...