Unit 331 Understand Child and Young Person Development

Task A – 1.
Age Range | Sequence and Rate of Physical Development |
0-3 Months | At birth children are able to lie on their backs with their head to one side. When they are pulled into a sitting position, the head lags. They usually hold their hands tightly closed, but the hands may open spontaneously during feeding. They will turn their heads towards the light and will stare at bright shiny objects. Blink in response to sound and movement. Are startled by sudden noises. Recognise their mother’s voice. They cannot hear very soft sounds. At one month they will turn their head to the side when laid on their back with the arm and the leg on the face side outstretched, the knees apart and the sole of the feet turned inwards. Can turn from their side to their back. Will lift their head briefly. Begin to take their fists to their mouth. Open their hands from time to time. Show excitement and interest by their facial expressions. Open their hands to grasp an adult’s finger. Focus their gaze at about 20-25cm. May move their head towards the source of sound, but are not yet able to locate the sound. Blink defensively when something comes towards them. Follow the movement of a bright, dangling toy, this is known as tracking. By three months they will be able to keep their head in a central position when lying on their back. They can lift their head and their chest when lying on their front. Have almost no head lag when moving into a sitting position. When held they can sit with their back straight. Kick vigorously with their legs alternating or occasionally together. Can wave their arms. They will be able to move their head to follow adult’s movements. Watch their hands and play with their fingers. They will be able to hold a rattle for a brief time before dropping it. They will focus their eyes on the same point. |
3-6 Months | Between 3-6months children will be able to roll over onto their front from being laid on their back. When lying on their front they can lift...