Pttls Q3

Question 3

An integral quality to being an effective teacher is to promote inclusion, equality and diversity. “All students must have a fair and equal chance to learn. This essentially is embodied in equality of opportunity” Reece & Walker 2008 (p. 294). As a teacher I must ensure I value and respect all learners, providing equal opportunities to learn in a safe and healthy environment. To ensure all learners have equality in the classroom I must ensure that all learning styles are addressed in the teaching methods used and that all students have equal access to learning resources and tutor support. Learners who experience learning difficulties will be identified at the point of application, this will ensure the relevant support is in place before the course commences. For example, in the event that a learner has dyslexia it may be that using different colours and a larger font would be beneficial to their learning.

It is also the responsibility of the teacher to ensure all students are not subjected to discrimination in any way from their peers and this can be achieved through setting ground rules early on at the start date of the course. It may be necessary to reinforce ground rules in the incidence of discrimination by verbalising to the perpetrator that their language or comments are not acceptable. I would also speak to the victim during the next break and check they were ok. It may be necessary for the perpetrator to be removed from the course should they continue with the behaviour. This is something that would be out of my boundaries as a teacher and a responsibility of my line manager to deal with. However, it is my responsibility as a teacher to ensure equal opportunities at all times and report any incidence of discrimination.

Reece & Walker 2008 (p. 297) state “it is crucial to point out that not only is equality of opportunity a matter of legal rights and responsibilities, it is a question of removing all possible barriers to access aspiration...