Dirtbikeinformation System Assigment

Information system

  1. Dirt bikes would benefit from e-commerce because it would be their key advertising component. People all over the world could access information about the company and their products. It’s a good way to educate people on the company and their background. Also is an easy way for customer to order, customize, and view products of their liking. E-commerce would give customer’s accessibility to track their orders and have constant updates on their status, whereas if they had to call over the phone, it would take a lot longer.
Dirt bikes should sell both parts and motorcycles over the web because people can customize a bike to their liking with customizable aftermarket parts , but if a person just wants a bike for a leisure activity, they can just purchase a pre-made bike.
The website should be a primary advertiser because people from all over the world can access all the information they need on the company, the products, and the personnel.
It should use the web to inform people on their customer service, but it shouldn’t be the primary source of customer service. They need to keep a phone based customer service to stay on a personal level with their customers to create a better buyer/seller relationship.
  2. A website would be of value to Dirt bikes because it puts their name out there and it is now visible site that people can spend hours on in order to make their product perfect.

For a small to medium sized business, Network Solutions offers pro-ecommerce for $99.95 a month. For a standard ecommerce site, it is $49.95 a month per month. The Website Builders also offer ecommerce silver for small companies, ecommerce gold for medium companies, and ecommerce platinum for large companies. The silver price is $8,500.00 total and the gold is $15,500.00 total. If they went with the first website, it wouldn’t affect them that much because for how much they make on a dirt bike would cover the price for one website. For the second...