Comparative Political System

"Comparative Political Systems" course characteristics and teaching methods
Abstract: "Comparative Political System" is a political one important class of professional courses to learn the course has important theoretical and practical significance. The course has a special object of study, in particular, rely on comparative research methods and extensive connections with related disciplines and rich in content and so on. Professor "Comparative political systems," the combination of the above-mentioned subject characteristics, using appropriate teaching methods to arrange the activities of teaching practice, we can achieve good teaching results.
Key words: comparative political systems; curriculum characteristics; comparison

"Comparative Political Systems" course is a political science major specialty courses. College students and opened "Comparative Political Systems" course, has important theoretical and practical significance. This course will help deepen the students to the scientific understanding of the socialist political system, making it more consciously adhere to socialism; help students understand the objective understanding of the capitalist system and a variety of diverse and complex political systems; a help in strengthening the building of socialist democratic politics and comprehensively push forward the process of building a well-off society, consciously drawing on the development of human political civilization, all the useful results. In the era of globalization, international exchanges and cooperation in studying the comparative political systems also have a strong practical significance. For the teaching of this course, to achieve better teaching results, we must combine the features of the course subject, and attention to the appropriate teaching methods.

1, "Comparative Political Systems" course features

(A) to study the particularity of the object
Politics is a system of human knowledge in an ancient discipline, as...