Justice Systems

Ryan Coleman
Social Studies 4
April 2, 2008
Justice Systems

              A justice system is a set or arrangement of laws ensuring the rightfulness of the citizens. In order to protect the rights of the citizens many civilizations have created different laws and justice systems. Justice systems were used in early civilizations as well as today to keep people well behaved and to ensure there rights. Two examples of justice systems are the Twelve Tables of Rome, and the Justice Systems in Medieval Europe.
            The twelve tables were laws and justice systems in Ancient Rome. These laws in Ancient Rome were very similar to today’s laws. These laws were engraved on 12 bronze tablets that were placed in the forum. They explained what was legal and illegal so ignorance of law is no excuse. One law of the twelve tables is, no one shall deprive a person of civil rights without a trial. This law means that a citizen will not be kept from their rights until they are proven guilty by trial. Another law of the twelve tables is, any judge who is convicted of taking a bribe for a decision shall suffer the death penalty. This allowed fair trial in court.
          The twelve tables protected the rights of the citizens living in ancient Rome in many ways. Theses laws were set up for there to be a fair justice system. Some ways the laws protected the citizens was that everyone had the right to a fair trial. This is because of the law that stated if a judge is bribed he will face the death penalty. Also citizen’s rights could not be taken from him/her until proven guilty by trial. Another law was that, no man whatsoever to be put to death without a trial is forbidden. This is another example of how the laws are in favor of the citizens. This law helped to save many innocent people being accused of crime. These laws protected and kept things under control in ancient Rome.
      In Medieval Europe they had the Justice Systems. This system of law...