Diploma 5 Unit Cu2936

UNIT CU 2936 Understand Children and Young Person’s Development

      1.1 Explain the sequence and rate of each aspect of development that would normally be expected in children and young people from birth – 19 years.

There are three aspects of development in children from birth to 19 years of age.

  1. Physical development which includes gross and fine motor skills
0-6 months
Basic physical ability. Can move head and limbs and start to grasp with fingers. They grow rapidly at this stage, gain control of eye movement, balance their head, roll over and can pull to sit position and start to hold position alone.
6 months- 1 year  
From 8 months may start to crawl. From 9 months may start to walk. Learn to let go with their hands. Will put most things in their mouth. Will begin the teething process. Physically unable to control bowels.
1-2 years
Can start to walk, negotiates stairs up and down and climbs on furniture. Starts to push and pull. Begins to feed themselves and can hold a cup. May take off and pull clothing on. Will start to show a desire to put things/objects in and out of things and mouth. Still no bowel control being displayed.
2-3 years
Bowel and bladder control may begin. Running, kicking, throwing, pushing and pulling all evident. Eats well with a spoon and will help to dress themselves. Becomes better at manipulating small objects with their hands. Can build a tower of 6-7 blocks.
3-4 years
Running, jumping very active. May start to ride a trike or climb ladders. May at this age start to wander away. Will be more interested in sensory play like sand, mud, paint etc. May begin simple puzzles and construction. Will start to dress self but not tie shoes. More independent with bowels and bladder with more interest in own body mechanics. Feeds self with spoon or fork now.
4-5 years
Now start to see rapid muscular growth along with being very active a lot of the time. May sometimes display physical aggression.
5-6 years
Able now to...