Diploma 5 Dhealth and Safety

Reflective Account   /   Candidate Statement   /   Assignment/Professional Discussion

Candidates Name Pat Edwards   Assessors Name   Nicky Farrant-D-Wilson

Award Number   level 5 diploma   Unit Number   504

Learning Outcomes= LO ______________________________________________________________

Unit No       | LO     | PC     |       |
504                                           | 1                                                                   2               2     |   1.1     1.2                                                             2.1       2.2         2.3         2.4                       3.1         3.2       3.3         4       4.1     4.2               4.3               4.4                   5         5.1         5.2         5.3         5.4     | The H+S at work act 1974 is the major piece of legislation in this area. The regulations were updated in 2009 a number of statutory regulations supplement the act. All the legislation ,regulations relating to H+S issues which may have an impact on work. The H+S at work act   outlines the responsibilities for employers ,managers and employees examples of legislation and regulations that relate to the act are. Workplace (health and safety and welfare) regulation 1992/99. these regulations cover the management of H+S at work and cover the management of workplaces, duties are placed on both employers and employees. The main requirements created by this regulation are equipment,systems must be maintained the work place must be well ventilated and the temperature must be maintained thermometers must be provided ,lighting must be suitable and the workplace must be clean.   First aid 1981 + 2009 states that employers must provided adequate equipment ,facilities and personnel to enable first aid to be given   if someone is ill or injured at work. we have several first aid boxes and receive regular training in this to enable me to administer first aid if needed. Manual handling 1992 suitable and efficient assessments   of all...