Digital Marketing Plan - Ola Autos

Done by:
Ayush Srivastava - 32
Manjula Puranik - 77
Tanika Naik - 160
Done by:
Ayush Srivastava - 32
Manjula Puranik - 77
Tanika Naik - 160

The internet and ascents in digitalization and social networking have transformed how companies reach out and connect to their clients and partners. Digital marketing has proved to be a commanding enabler and radical of business models. We see its consumption going beyond the normal boundaries of geography and time. Flourishing evidence points that a persistent digital presence, based on a sound understanding of the eccentricities of the digital landscape, transforms into major business value. For our Digital marketing plan we have selected Ola Auto services as it is a new service with little digital marketing if any done as of now. Our digital marketing plan for the same is as given below.
Target Audience
Keeping the product in mind, the plan aims to target the masses, hence we will be having multiple targets, with varying priorities which are as follows:
  * Young College Going Students – Priority 1
      * Profile: 18-25 yrs, budget constraints, irregularity in buying patterns, maximum consumption on weekends
      * Requirements: Availability in the evenings, especially on weekends, last minute bookings, short distance travel
      * Expectations: Cheap fares, Quick and hassle free service, gps for unknown locations, music players with usb slots to play own music

  * Working Professionals – Priority 2
      * Profile: 25-40 yrs, Regular travel (fixed pick up and drop location), No budget constraint
      * Requirements: Availability at odd timings
      * Expectations: Polite and courteous drivers, quick and hassle free service

  * General – Priority 3

  * Launch of new product – Ola Autorickshaws
  * Increasing brand awareness
  * Increase frequency by highlighting competitive pricing factor (autos run on...