Great Wall New Sand Maker for Sale

The pebble is a kind of hard stones, which is spread widely in watercourses, riverbeds and some coastal regions, together with the natural sand and sea sand. But the qualified pebble stones used for making sand are usually spread in riverbeds. ` Making sand of hard stones may cause a heavy consumption to machines and serious dust pollution. But Henan Great Wall is good at handling these troubles. Henan Great Wall adopts the sand making technique of ’more crusher with less grinding’ with the
jaw crusher, the cone crusher and the vertical shaft sand making machine, in coordination with sand powder, water recycling and environmental protection to decrease the air pollution and sewage discharge and manage the water quality. In conclusion, upgrade stone production line is not a cost only behavior, it can make more benefit. First, it reduce risks and extra money pay for staff health; second, collected dust or powder can making profit, the value is higher than equipment maintenance fees; third, is create a good working environment, make a good relationship between staff and owner. Environmental protection model stone production line is supposed and insisted to do, it is good for all of us.

Many customers are doubting sand maker,but it is not absolutened.We should full play out the inner power of sand making machie,and inject new inner power fundamentally.Great Wall sand making machine analysis the structure design priciple of sand making machine,’Stone hit stone ’coarse crushing cavity, finely cavity, contract form adjustable counterattack plate and circular plate constitute impact cavity and three discharge channel composition.

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