Sand Maker Is in Line with the Social Development

In production process, raw materials are firstly sent to jaw crusher for primary crushing instead of entering sand maker directly. Domestic mining machinery enterprises should intensify efforts on research of advanced technology of sand maker and improve research ability, thus changing the current situation of sand making industry. Hydraulic device of vsi sand maker is easy to maintain, hydraulic open device, calcining kiln, make the crushing cavity internal maintenance convenient conversion, shorten the down time, save time and effort. automatic detection of vsi sand maker, safe and reliable – set vibration display and alarm device, if adverse operation can be warned, the device stop working, and achieve the purpose of protect the machine.

Technology and modern processing make it a leading role in this industry. The stones fall from the top of the machine, and then it is divided into two parts by material-dividing plate. One enters into high-speed rotating impellor through the center of material-dividing plate. The other falls down from outside of material-dividing plate. Under the action of the high speed centrifugal force, cement mill, the stones crushed the others distributed around the impeller in the form of umbrella. After the stones impact each other, the eddying motion is formed between the impeller and main case to bring about many times’ mutual impacting, rubbing, and crushing till the granularity required is achieved.Sand making machine is made of upper cavity, middle cavity, crushing cavity, frame, turntable, transmissions device and so on.

The current situation in the sand and stone material industry in our country is that the artificial sand making technology in the market is still relatively backward, as a result of which, large quantities of stone and sand material plants cannot provide finished sand with high quality. For this reason, even the mixing equipment has excellent performance; the mixed concrete is low in quality. This problem is...