Deviant behavior is a learned process through small socialized groups. It is boundary found and maintained. Some people have more opportunities to act in these behaviors then others. I believe everybody is deviant at some point in there life, but some tend to be more affected more than others. Most gangs in my neighborhood bring in people that fill that they are not wanted by family and join gangs for security. Deviant behavior refers to behavior that is not normal and doesn't meet the standards of a group in are society. I believe that drugs from the parent during birth or the individual themselves as they get older using drugs can bring on deviant behavior. There are many reasons for the use of drugs in our society. There is a social process   that creates standards for deviance, consumption of a particular drug becomes deviant only when individuals and groups become addicted. In some countries a woman showing more skin than her forehead, eyes, or hands is considered deviant. Deviance is defined in dictionaries as the condition of being abnormal. You have to understand this from and a   individual’s point of view on deviance, it can be viewed as any act that is not performed by us as a society.   This is done by you the person in your habits, routines and beliefs. Everybody in society has done something that other people will have fault with. This means that almost any action or any   characteristic we could do or think of is approved in some social circles and condemned in others.