Development from 0-19 Years


New born babies have little control over their bodies. Their movement depends on series of reflexes, as they get older they start to develop series of movements and actions called the ‘gross motor skills’ such as crawling, sitting, grabbing, pointing, running rolling, hopping, jumping, and so on.
In their second year, children should have better ability to control their movement. In their third year, children would start to develop some ‘fine motor skills’ such as painting, colouring, and scribbling. They would enjoy looking at, and turning the pages of books. At this age they should be able to use a cup and feed themselves.
Babies will start to be listening to languages around them and enjoy songs and games. Some children will start to speak at 12 months, although not clearly.
By 1 and 2 years, children will start to put words together and their vocabulary will increase. Between age 2 and 3, Children will start to use negative and plurals in their speech, although they will make errors in their grammar when speaking.
Children will be starting to find out about their own identities. They will form strong attachment to parents and carers.
At this stage children have tantrums through frustration and will want to do things by themselves.

Children need food, sleep, and energy – take part in all sorts of activities and love to be shown to them regularly. At this stage children’s height and weight increases and they start to gain good balance. Children learn to write, read and listen. Children at this time develop their language, this can be by learning words that they didn’t know before. Their memory skills become stronger as they can start to remember things they’ve done in the past. They start to question life e.g. when children ask “where does god live?” this shows their unaware of their spiritual needs. At this age they can tell from right and wrong. They also enjoy imaginative...