1-19 Years Old Child Development

Unit Number CYP Core 3.1
  1) Understand the expected pattern of development for children and young people from birth – 19 years .

(1.1) Explain the sequence and rate of each aspect of development for children and young people age from 0-19 .

0-6 Months

Physical Development

Fine Motor Skills –    

  * Babies at their fist month they all start to stare at bright and shiny objects .
  * At the first month their hand will be closed .
  * All babies react to loud sounds .
  * By 3-4 months they will start to grasp .
  * They start following any movements going around them .
  * They start watching their hands and start playing with their fingers .
  * Start clapping hands .
  * Start moving objects from one hand to another .
  * Start picking up small things .

Gross Motor Skills –

  * For the 1st   month at first babies lay on their backs .
  * They start to try lifting their heads by 3 to 4 months babies will start turning from side to side .
  * They start sitting with support.
  * By the 6th month babies will start sitting with support .
  * They start bearing their own weight on their legs with support of an adult .

Self Help-

  * Start sucking their thumbs or a dummy .
  * Start to decrease spitting up after or during most feeds .
  * Cry when they are hungry or tired , or want attention .

Cognitive development –

  * They start looking at objects in their hands.
  * Turn their heads to what they hear and try to follow up .
  * Still sensitive to lights.
  * They start focusing 20cm away.
  * They recognize their mother by her smell .

Psychosocial Development-

  * Babies start smiling .
  * They start grabbing the bottle with both hands .
  * They try to eat with both hands .
  * They start to enjoy sucking .
  * Babies start to stay awake much longer periods   of time .

Moral Development –

  * Babies are aware of their bodies .
  * Babies start...