Describe the Duties and Responsibilities of Own Work Role

CU 2666   Promote person centred approaches in health and social care

1.   Explain how and why person-centred values must influence all aspects of health and social care work
Person-centred care is a philosophy of providing care that is centred around the person, and not just their health needs. We are all individual, no two people are the same hence it is not appropriate to say that because two people have dementia – that they both have the same care and support needs.
The values which one person feels are important in their life may not be so to another. To provide the best   support   to   a   person,   their   values   must   be   taken   into   account   and   by   doing   so   you   will   be   empowering   that   person,   increase   their   self   determination   and   improve   their   independence.   A   person’s values will include their:
Individuality –   as   a   carer   you   see   each   person   as   an   individual   and   promote   their   interests, aspirations and needs in all you do. Your organisation should fit around these individualities not the person fit in with the organisation.
Rights- the rights   of people are protected by law, and in particular by the Human Rights Act 1998 protects people from harm and guarantees them basicentitlements such as the right to respect and equality
Choice– Choice means having access to a wide range of options and   information. People need to know the pros and cons of all the options to decidefor themselves which ones suit them best. This is called informed choice .
Privacy– Privacy is a basic human need. We all need to dosome things alone and to have time to ourselves   to   do   as   we   please.   Our   need   for   privacy   depends   on   our   personality,   interests   and   circumstances. We can respect peoples’ privacy by ensuring that their dignity is safeguarded, and by   protecting them from situations that might cause them distress.
Independence –   People   in   care   are   often   on   the   receiving   end   of other   people’s...