Explain and Review Own Role, Responsibilities, and Boundaries of Role of Teacher.

Explain and review own role, responsibilities, and boundaries of role of teacher.

Senjaya Vienna (2008) mentioned that as a facilitator, a role the teacher provides services to facilitate students in learning activities. The role of the teacher as a facilitator to bring the consequences of changes in the pattern the teacher-student relationship, that is more "top-down" to the partnership.
According to Roger Schwarz (2002), ‘A facilitator is someone who skilfully helps a group reaches a consensus without personally taking any side of the argument.’
This can be likened to a teacher’s role, where the aim is to help individual learners in a group setting understand their common objectives and assist them to plan to achieve them without taking a particular position in this discussion.
The teacher’s role has been likened to that of as midwife, who assists in the birthing process but is not the producer of the end result (baby being born).   Roger Schwarz (2002)
As a health and fitness teacher, teaching learners with varying abilities can be very challenging. It is therefore vital for me to assess the varying learning styles of my learners and also consider what motivates my learners and what prior knowledge or experiences they’ve had in order to tailor and identify the appropriate teaching methods that could be useful throughout the program.

I must be able to adapt my teaching methods to suit any particular learner needs. Some strategies I employ are as follows: utilising professional discussions with learners who find writing particularly problematic, or even using a direct observation of a job being done.

My role as a teacher is to communicate effectively with my students, involving them actively, and listening to what they have to say. It is about giving ongoing constructive and positive feedback employing supportive strategies in place (one to ones).

My responsibility is to encourage progressive reflection in students to allow their personal growth...