Dehumanization on Pip & Stella

Great Expectation

      Literature reflects how mankind feels & thinks.   It is a mixture from creativity mentally & emotional, which creates by human as texts. As Morner & Rausch defined literature "Writing in poetry & prose of recognized excellence valued for their intense, personal & imaginative expression of life" (Morner & Rausch, 1998, p.125). In analyzing Great Expectation, Van Ghent talks about an important issues back to the dehumanization, industrialization &colonial imperialism that used people as things not as humans being for their benefits. (Dorothy Van Ghent, 1961, p.266). Industrialization was apparent at the end of 19 centuries, related with both economic changes including the financial progress; agriculture developing & manufacturing, which are basically stood in machine, & Social changes counting new classes such as poor & rich. The person became as machine work for money to bay things, therefore life becomes materialism people use money to justification their goals &money becomes more important than the relationship between people, especially the family; they turn into individualism, everyone looking for his/her attitudes, desires & benefits. Van Ghent maintains that there are two kinds of crime that drive the moral plot of the Great Expectation novel: “the crime of parent against child, and the calculated social crime”. (Dorothy van Ghent, 1961, p.271).
          All babies born angel, they are like white paper you can note down whatever you want but parents & social environment sometimes change this nature. Such as pip acts with Magwitch in the first view when he threatens pip by killing if he didn’t follow his orders, which steal food from his house. When Magwitch upside down pip he was upside down his body & his world. Magwitch was abuse &
Dehumanization pip. Pip has a good natural that he back with food but return home with guilty feeling of being a thief. Dickens...