Great Expectations Featuring Pip and What He Wanted to Acquire in Life

Pip’s Endeavor

Great Expectations is a classic love story.   Pip, a poor boy, dreams of becoming rich and of marring Estella.   Pip continually proved that he only wanted Estella, turning down another girl he had a natural attraction for.   Although there were many things that Pip wanted to acquire through life, his main focus was to get Estella to love and marry him.

When Pip new that he loved Estella, he took the offensive and tried to show Estella his true feelings for her.   Pip won a fist fight with another boy while Estella watched.   This could have showed Estella that Pip could protect her if need be.   He also treated her with respect even though she pierced his heart with verbal daggers.   Pip knew of Estella's distaste for the common man and therefore preceded to never allow Joe to accompany him to the Satis house after one occurrence.

Pip tried to better himself to reach Estella’s high measures because he had to do whatever it took to win her love.   Pip tried to better his education by utilizing one of his bright peers as a tutor.     He then refused the love of this classmate even though he had a natural attraction for her.   He spent much of his time with Estella because he wanted to win her over.   He pulled every string he had to improve his chances of getting married to Estella.   Pip hoped that Miss Havisham would make him a gentlemen and make a match of him and Estella.   However, Miss Havisham had no intention of making him a gentlemen or matchmaking Pip and Estella.  

Then Pip received news that he was going to become a gentlemen by means of a secret benefactor which meant that this was the time in his life that he could be worth all of Estella’s time.   He sincerely believed that Miss Havisham was his secret benefactor.   Though, she wasn’t.   This led him even further to believe that Miss Havisham wanted Pip and Estella to marry.   When Pip went to London to become a gentlemen, he was excited for the future.   Pip had finally...