Feminism Pip Example

In terms of where women are based now, this particular positioning can be identified in cohesion with Australian society’s gradual demographic and social changes; the evolution of such areas as cross-generational differences;, the massive increase in multicultural numbers;, or even the overall alterations to the portrayals of views that may have been more prominent in previous years. All of these factors need to be taken into account before making rational decisions and brandings of the current state of women in the Australian Society.
So much has changed since Feminism was first introduced and it seems as each decade flashes by, new and improved issues begin confronting the women of our time. The topic of Feminism has been visited on countless occasions and dates back to the beginning of Federation. However the past is usually the time frame used when discussing this particular subject. The “now” is often pushed aside and left for another time or shot down by politics or other more important social issues like Julia Gillard’s carbon tax. Reference your work.

The first wave of Australian feminism, which dates back to the late nineteenth century, was mainly concerned with suffrage (women’s right to vote) and women’s overall access to the public sphere. It’s funny how things change over time. Now our Prime Minister is female and it is illegal to evade voting each year. Other countries may have differing situations to the current Australian setup, however many areas still need to improve, such as the Australian workforce and the Australian media’s constant negative portrayal of women.
What I don’t understand, is how the female society continue to show their greed. For example the quote: “Until the 1960’s a woman was expected to be a wife and a mother, now she is expected to be everything else as well” – (Seibert, 2010).

When I first started brainstorming ideas and themes to utilize throughout my PIP, the continuity and change element of the syllabus was a...