Parental Figures to Pip in Great Expectations

In the novel Great Expectations, written by Charles Dickens, he uses three characters that act as the “Parental Figures” in the life of the main character Pip.   These three characters use vastly different methods in their parenting styles, all of which influence Pip, whether in a positive, or negative way. Joe Gargery, Able Magwitch, and Miss. Havisham all play very important roles in Pips life, although each have there own styles in parenting, all have different motives and techniques for acting as such.
First, throughout the entire novel, Joe, the moral center of the story is really the only one that Pip looks up to, and is the one who is always there for Pip, even in the hard times. At the beginning, Joe says, talking of Mrs. Joe, “She’s a-coming! Get behind the door, old chap, and have the jack-towel betwixt you” (7). The shows how loving and how much Joe cares for Pip. Next, a few chapters after this incident on Christmas when everybody kept telling Pip to be grateful, Joe, every time, would give Pip more gravy. This simple act exhibits Joe’s true self, a person who understands pain, and tries to make it go away. Lastly, towards the end of the novel, when Pip becomes sick, Joe serves as his caretaker and, Pip says when he is ill, “Whoever came about me, still settled down into Joe” (493). This shows that Joe offers unconditional love to Pip and no matter how rude Pip is to him; Joe will always be there for him. Joes parenting methods are not perfect, but it is perfectly clear about how much he cares, and how he protects his loved ones.
Secondly, while Joe really loves him, Miss Havisham uses Pip, and views Pip as a toy for Estella. As said in the first part of the book, Mrs. Joe says of Miss Havisham, “She wants this boy to go and play there” (52). This quote shows how she has no regard towards human life, and that Pip is just another “toy” for Estella to use. Next, Miss Havisham says to Estella of Pip, “Well, you can break his heart” (61). At this time...