Decisions in Paradise

Decisions in Paradise: Part One
Ryan Kenney
University of Phoenix

Decisions in Paradise: Part One
      Kava, a South Pacific Island, seems like a very challenging place to establish a successful business. Success, however, can be defined in many different ways. For the island of Kava, success is going to mean a jump start to the economy of Kava. Our company, the Dive Shop, will bring in much of what is needed for the island. The opportunity is there for the island and our business to grow together and bring stability to Kava.
      Before business begins, there are many issues facing our organization. The first is the local government and the people of Kava. It is important that our organization respect the culture of the island and observe all the demands of their culture. In certain parts of the South Pacific, cultures still worship gods of the sea and it is important to show our respect to the entire marine environment. This is going to be one of the biggest issues facing the organization.
      Their culture aside, most islands, including Kava, have strict laws that protect their marine environment (Resture, 2008). The government has recognized the huge resource the surrounding ocean is and wants to ensure its protection. We will have to set-up many meetings with the government and locals to ensure that the ocean and its inhabitants are our first concern.
      Another big issue for the island is the influx of tourism to the island. Our goal with opening another Dive Shop and Resort is to bring more tourism to the island. The shop and resort will open up many jobs for the locals and help to bring in money to their economy. This addition of tourists will bring in more traffic and other environmental issues to be discussed with the locals and government. It is our job to have solutions to these issues before we go before the government and locals.
      One of the last issues remaining for our business is the amount of resources needed to build our...