Decisions in Paradise

Decisions in Paradise
Elaine Becker
MGT 350
Bob d’Alessio
May 26, 2008
Kava is an island country, in the South Pacific, that has had many natural disasters occur in a very short period of time. Unity Bank is planning to create a stronger presence in Kava and the CEO, Chris, has charged Alex, the director of strategic planning, and Nik, the new project coordinator, with this accomplishment.
The current issues in Kava are major disorganization and debris cleanup. The island has had two hurricanes, a fire sparked by volcanic eruption and a tidal wave in the period of about 6 weeks. While the tidal wave took care of putting out the fires, the enormous amount of water has destroyed many homes and crops. This has put a strain on the economy and diverse culture that is Kava. Because cleanup resources are not abundant, the islanders have no idea where to start and what to do to get back to normal before the next disaster. This is where Unity Bank comes into play. We believe that by spreading to this part of the world, we will be better fulfilling our plan to continue to grow because of the valuable role Kava plays in supplying the world with crops and other exports. Unfortunately, we are unable to do business in this area before cleaning up the debris.
First, the people of Kava need to get organized. Types of debris need to be placed into piles. Trash needs to be carted away. Anything salvageable needs to be safely put aside. An additional inventory of supplies and tools needs to be taken. Any shortages on anything need to be replaced instantly. Nik will be in charge of keeping track of that information and the reordering process. Centralizing supply control will help to avoid further errors. Part of the problem that caused the lack of organization is one of the things that makes Kava so unique; its diversity. The language barriers are so great that complete confusion has only escalated the cleanup process. Miscommunications have made items be sorted incorrectly,...