Outline some of the ways in which inequalities have been made and remade in south wales.

'Inequalities' is a term used by social scientists to explain the uneven distribution of major resources that happens within a society, or sometimes between societies.
To outline inequalities that have been made and remade in south wales I will use the Social Sciences, Making Social Lives DVD and also the Making Social Lives, Learning Companion 2 and look at them in more depth.
South Wales is famous for its history in the coal industry, and in the DVD we are shown a town called Maerdy this was a coal mining town, whether it was directly or indirectly coal was an important part of everyone’s lives. We can the different connections that people have with coal when someone passes a piece of coal to different people (people with different roles) within the community and they all have something to say about it that links them in one way or another to it (Exploring Social Lives: An Introduction)
There are many different inequalities in the presence and absence of coal that have been made and remade such as age, race, religion, gender, building, wealth, social class and leisure, I will look at just a few of these in more detail.
Bute town was a place in Cardiff that had much going on within the street; they had basic housing with toilets outside and no bathroom. But in the 1950’s Bute town suffered due to the lack of coal exports, and the council decided to redevelop Bute town as it was becoming more derelict, they demolished all the old Victorian buildings and replaced them with apartment blocks that none of the original residents particularly liked as they no longer could have extended family stay with them, or stand outside and chat with people that passed by. In the opinion of some residents it was like being locked up (Inequalities and Differences: the legacies of coal,’ 2009, Scene 5)
In the presence of coal, buildings showed off power and wealth, for example the coal...