Dd102 Tmao1

Jade Louise Warn PI (B6780911)   TMA 01 Part 1

  Define 'making and remaking', and provide two examples of this on City Road.

A society is made by individual relationships. People work together to come to mutual agreements that allow them to live in an harmonious environment that benefits each individual. Societies are also governed by a certain set of rules, this enables a society to function well. Jobs, schools, governments, shops and residential areas all facilitate a society as a whole and therefore every individual contributes to the functionality of a society.

However, societies change due to the ever growing world around us. Technology is always advancing and is allowing more efficient ways of dealing with day to day activities, such as; shopping, advertising, communication and the running of businesses. One example of how society has been remade is the use of the internet. It allows us to shop online, communicate with people in other countries, and advertise things such as, products and jobs.

Examples of how society is made and remade can be seen on City Road in Cardiff.

City Road used to be called Castle Road, however due to Cardiff gaining city status it became the road it is known today. It wasn't just the name that changed, it was also the street. Houses and shops were built and it became the busy street that it remains today. More and more people came to live on City Road, including people from different nationalities, because of this a range of cuisine takeaways were opened. (The Open University, 2014)

Colin Batwell who owned a shop on City Road had to shut down his business due to more well known competitive supermarkets such as Tesco's. The shop had been on City Road since 1930. (The Open University, 2014)

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