Dd102 Tma01

Part 1: Written Exercise
In your own words, define difference and inequality, providing an example of each on City Road.

To me, the word difference would suggest a dissimilarity between two people, things or groups. In the context of City Road (Cardiff) one notable difference between the types of people that live out their daily and working lives is the varying nationalities of the people that spend time there. From the Sari shop (fig 1.8)   that is ran on City Road to the Food Bank (fig 1.9), the two shops are clearly run by people of different national and cultural backgrounds due to the nature of the establishments, because of this, each shop will attract a different group of people creating a distinct dissimilarity between the people using each of the different shops for custom as both shops serve a different purpose to the public.
In the context, the term inequality would mean that the social resources (money, education, accessibility etc.) are not as widely available to some social groups as others. This can be seen on City Road by the layout and quality of the street. Though it is slowly becoming more accessible to people that are less mobile such as the elderly or the disabled, the current state of uneven pavements, steps up to shops and cobble stoned footpaths can make it more difficult for certain people to get around. This makes the inequality more evident when the general population have no trouble in using the facilities but the small minority find it a struggle to complete day to day tasks.                     Word Count: 245
Figure 1.8, page 23: The Open University Introducing The Social Sciences 1
Figure 1.9, page 27: The Open University Introducing The Social Sciences 1
The Open University (2014) ‘Inequalities of the Street’ video: DD102, Introducing The Social Sciences.