Makeing and Remaking

DD102 TMA01 Part 1: Making and remaking  

We make and remake society actively and in various ways with through things we can’t see and things we can see and use on a daily basis such as roads, shops, cars and supermarkets. Social and political influence through our interactions with each other and things directly and indirectly daily or throughout our lives.
The relationships that we have and the connections we make through those relationships and throughout life. Things and people we take for granted such as homes, money, jobs, family and friends. Everything and everyone is linked thorough the making and remaking of society. Through work or activates we do daily.
How we live and relate to one another. Differences and similarities between us as individuals. Choices and decisions we make daily and for our future. We are either making or remaking our lives and society. We are all constantly learning and adapting to the changes in wider and global economy.
One example of the making from City road is Janet Symmons who owns her on shop on City Road the connections she has and the products that she sells helps to build social lives in her local community and globally. (Allen and Blakely, 2014, p.20)
Lloyd Robson is and artist/poet and has had history with City Road and explains how much has changed as he’s grew up. He speaks to a range of different people about changes that took place.
An example of Remaking on city road is that of a mechanic Mark Hocking who acted quickly when the economy changed by changing his line of work and embracing it. (The Open University, (2014a)”The Life and Times of the Street: part 1” (video) Things change and changes affect everything and everyone and everything.