Dangers of Cellphones

Chris Tisdale
English 11
The Dangers of Cellphones

Cellphones are tools designed to communicate in a convenient and safe manner. To the common cellphone user, this seems obvious, and they don't consider the dangers and downsides to owning mobile phones. The dangers of some things outweigh the benefits; are cellphones one of these devils in disguise? I'm going to discuss some of the dangers of owning and using these “convenient” tool.

Cellphones operate on extremely high frequency radio waves, far beyond the audible range   heard by humans. These waves have not been in use for long enough to produce definite results in tests for “long term” health effects. Some unsettling, subtle clues that these frequencies will cause much more harm than good to the human body in the near future are seen in today's society. An example of one of these clues is a sensitivity to these waves, called EHS or “electro-hypersensitivity”, a condition which exists in a small percentage of people around the world, Sweden being one of the leading bearers of affected people, with 3% of the population having reactions. Reactions to a cellphone's signal to a person with EHS can be excruciating and of extreme inconvenience in a world of so many of these signals. This condition causes nausea and headache, and in severe cases, unconsciousness and heart palpitations.

Cellphones also are one of the leading causes of vehicle-involved deaths in the past decade, due to the massive explosion of cellphone use all over the world. Some countries have started employing laws to fight this problem. Canada is no exception, with severe penalties being put on drivers found to be using their cellphones, whether for talking or texting, while driving. Other countries such as China, Germany, France and many others, including several states in the USA, have started enforcing similar restrictions and bans on cellphone use while operating a vehicle.

The radiation from cellphones can cause the breakdown...