A Dangerous Place

A Dangerous Place
by Philippa Werry

From School Journal, Part 1, Number 1, 2005
A group of apprentice chefs find out about some of the hidden dangers there can be in a kitchen.
Suggested Teaching Purpose
Based on the information I have about my students’ learning needs, what would be an appropriate teaching purpose for this session?
Examples of an appropriate teaching purpose are listed below.

To support the students in developing the comprehension strategies of analysing and synthesising, making and testing hypotheses, evaluating, and inferring

To read a play with an understanding of the roles and personalities of the characters

To identify vivid language and use it for dramatic impact.
Features of the Text to Consider in Context
What features of this text would make it appropriate for teaching particular comprehension strategies or language features?

The use of adjectives to describe something vividly, for example, “squishy”, “floury”, “drippy”, “gooey”, “frothy”, “gurgly”, “steamy”, “wriggly”

The repetitive structure.
Noun frequency level: 8.5–9.5
What aspects relating to this text might constitute challenges for my students?

Making effective use of the stage directions

Maintaining the flow and pace of the play by picking up cues promptly

Colloquial expressions, for example, “on the dot”, “I don’t think I’m really cut out to be a cook”, which could be challenging for ESOL students

Words that some students may find challenging: “electrical”, “gruesome”, “tentacles”

The irregular plurals, for example, “potatoes”, “dishes”, “knives”.
What prior knowledge would support my students in reading this text?

Knowledge of how a play is structured

Familiarity with the purpose and use of dialogue and stage directions

Knowledge of the hazards of machines and tools in the kitchen.
Sharing Learning Outcomes with Your Students
I will be able to:

understand the way dialogue and stage...