Dangers of Child Centered Parenting

Dangers of Child Centered Parenting
Parenting has, in many ways, remained unchanged for centuries. Most parental pairs have the same basic goals for their children’s formative years. In the past, most families have run smoothly based on the fact that parents always know what is best for their children. In the 60’s parents decided when to potty train their children and when to send them to preschool, today many parents are following a different philosophy. Child centered parenting is a methodology that encourages letting the child provide cues for both daily and long term goals such as potty training. What happens to the basic parenting goals as the method changes?
What is the basis of child centered parenting? According to the internet blogs, most followers of child centered parenting fear for their child’s   self esteem. To these parents the boundaries set by most parenting strategies, generally called self centered parenting, limit the child’s development and cause self doubt. One blog, Loving Your Child dot com, claims, “You must have noticed that children who live under too many restraints or are overly protected suffer from low self-esteem. This is a major disadvantage of self-centered parenting.”   The hypothesis is that by allowing children to make decisions for themselves they will experience success at an earlier stage, thus raising their self esteem. In practice, child centered parents often allow their children to
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make their own schedules rather than sticking to a daily routine and in doing so provide a “yes“ culture within the home. This involves when they sleep and wake, when they eat, and can even cross into bartering or kowtowing to the child‘s wishes. Proponents claim that by fitting into the child’s life rather than making the child fit into the family’s life creates a closer bond and greater understanding between parent and child. There have yet to be any credible studies on the long term effects of these methods.
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