Daliy Life of Jesus

A Day in the Life of Jesus
      Early in the morning, shiny sunlight shoots right on my face, this is a perfect start to my day. After I wake up, I go to the front yard of my house and say hey to my mom,you know her as Mary. She already has a breakfast ready for me, it is delicious, it has goat milk, cheese, bread and olives, it gives me energy for rest of the day. After I finish my breakfast, I help my mom to clean the front yard and clean the domestic animals’ area before I go to the synagogue, my father Joseph is one of the carpenters, he takes me to the synagogue.
      In the synagogue, I see lots of people, some of them are my friends, and we study the Torah. It is the book which defines the bet Talmud sum of Jewish belief. It will be all the first five book of the Christian bible: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. In these books, I learn the heart of jewfish belief: how god made a covenant with the patriarchs, brought their descendants out of Egyptian slavery, and gave them the law, including the Ten Commandments, and led us to the Promised Land, we also learn the Hebrew alphabets and individual words or the phases of the torah.
        As I’ve grown older, I’ve learned many of the oral interpretations of this written law, but I’ve just started this advanced education in the bet ta’ mud” the house of learning” , some of my older friends they are very talented, they study the principle of the Torah and apply them to the everyday problems such as obeying the Sabbath. John, myfriend, tells me there is a special elder student who don’t want to be teacher, farmer, or craftsman he may study medicine or art. He also tells me in the synagogue, there are a lot of things to do not only study, here also can be place to worship god or a place of discussion for legal settlements. I was surprised because I wasn’t aware of those things. Today while when I am in the synagogue I learn a ton of things about it and spend time with my friends, it is the...