Cypop5 Task 3


3. Explain the importance of confidentiality and data protection
As a childminder I am obliged to comply with this legislation of Data Protection Act.
It’s a legal right the children and their families have to privacy.
All information given to me by the child’s family will be treated confidentially
Confidentiality and data protection are important in this business: Confidentiality is because the parents/guardian are placing their trust in me as the person who is going to be looking after their child, they will be giving me personal information about their child.
Other confidential matters regarding the child may be such things as:
Health and Medical issues/ Education records/ Parents employment details/ Child’s address details/ Contract drawn up between one parent and childminder/ these issues should not be discussed with another parent.
Never to discuss a matter of one child with another child’s parent.
Other confidential things such as training which I have had and experience that I hold will be held by the child’s parents/guardian and not passed on either.
The data Protection Act 1998 is the law about the way all information is stored about each individual child and we must follow this Act. All the information must be securely kept eg with password protected for data held in a computer file, or locked and secured for paper records
Parents will have access only to their child’s records; all documents regarding the child will be stored away. No other party will have access to any of the files.
Should any information need to be passed on to a third party. If any information needs to be passed on then it will be done with written consent from the child’s parents/guardian.
I would not discuss the child’s details with others. However I would pass on confidential information to Social Services, Ofsted, Health and Safety Executives or an appropriate body, at that time its not a breech if I need to discuss the child’s safety matter with an...