Cypop 5 Task 1

Current Legislation for Home Based Childcare

There is legislation in place to make sure children are not abused or exploited. The following gives a brief overview of the current legislation.

Equality Act 2010This act was designed to compress previous laws into one that was less complicated and to remove any issues between the old laws.
There are nine protected characteristics of which four apply to childcare. They are disability, gender, race and religion/beliefs
Children Act (1989)The Childrens Act was introduced to simplify laws and was the first law to recognise childrens rights in the UK. The act is designed to protect children who are at risk of abuse or are already suffering from abuse. You must take some key points into consideration when implementing the act which the main one being 'the needs of the child are paramount'.
Children Act (2004)This is the most important act as it outlines the five outcomes from the 'Every Child Matters' green paper. It has been updated from the Childrens Act 1989.
  be healthy
  stay safe
  enjoy and achieve
  the making of a contribution by them to society;
  social and economic well-being.
This act also states that local authorities have a responsibility to ensure the educational achievement of children in there care
Childcare Act (2006) The act introduces the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) in England. The Early Years Register and the General Childcare Register providing a regulatory framework for childcare.

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Childminder
This piece of legislation states 54 rights that chidren have including the
  right to protection from abuse
  right to live
  right to a name
These are just a sample of those rights and childcare providers should adhere to all rights of the child.

Human Rights Act (1998)

The act aims to protect every person in society and keep society fair and equal and states the everyones basic human rights.

Data Protection Act (1998)It...