In my setting we have an a pointed health and safety officer which means her job is to do checks of the nursery to make sure things like doors, out door equipment, children bathrooms are checked regularly and in working order, all staff are trained in health and safety so we get taught how to pick and carry things correctly i.e.; picking up children carrying equipment ect.  

The Statutory framework makes sure the premises and equipment are up to standards as well as all documentation is done and is kept updated and on hand if needed.   In my nursery we have a suitable person that is in charge of all of the health and safety legislation and policies and procedures that are implemented in my workplace, she makes sure everything is done that the heath and safety officer finds that needs attention.

As a member of staff I was taught the following to help with health and safety in my setting:

• water hazards, for example drains, puddles, water trays;
• hazardous substances and equipment;
• the use of socket covers in electrical sockets;
• which doors are locked and which ones are open,
• how to open the windows as they open two ways one for air the other to use as an fire escape.
• flooring and stairs making sure all flooring is level and intact and the stairs have railings at adult and child height and that there is no trip hazards;
• how to stack the furniture correctly so they don’t fall;
• hygiene, cleanliness and minimising the risk of infection before and after handling food, changing nappies ect;
• make sure all paperwork is filled out and a health and safety has been done on the route and place we are going to outings and trips;
• Having regularly fire drills and going though fire safety;
• the condition of prams, pushchairs, highchairs and low chairs is checked to make sure they are in working order and will not do any harm to the adult or child;
• the use of safety harnesses in the highchairs and setting;
• the condition of toys and...