Unit Cyp3.3

How the legislation, guidelines, policies and procedures affect the safeguarding of   children and   young people.
This is put into place in schools to promote equality and to eliminate discrimination.
There are two main categories covering child protection : Civil and Criminal Law.
Civil law is split to Public and Private law.
Public Law sets rules and puts procedures into place to minimise abuse and what should be done if a child is at risk.
Private Law deals with divorce and contact with families
Criminal Law deals with people that have or are at risk of offending children.
When working with children we are in a position of honesty ,trust and responsibility. Children need to feel safe and secure and free from harm and abuse. They need to feel this for them to reach their full potential through childhood to adulthood.
Safeguarding and promoting welfare of children and protecting them from harm is done by lots of professionals and agencies all working together from all different backgrounds with different levels of expertise.
By respecting the knowledge of other professionals we can get the best outcome for the child.

The safety of the child is very important, whilst listening without judging, both to the child and their family keeping professional as proof has to be found in accusations made. All specific needs will be met, considered and applied if and where possible. Keeping respect at all times for cultural and ethnic backgrounds.
Every school will have a designated CPO (child protection officer ) this is usually the headteacher.The CPO is responsible for the child protection and the liason with other agencies. The school has the safeguarding policy which has all the procedures to follow should the matter arise. All staff will be familiar with this policy.
When dealing with an incident always listen without interruption to the child, making sure not to put words or ideas into...