Cyp 3.1 Understand Child and Young Person Development


Physical Development

Age 0-3

Between ages 0 and 3, children physically develop very fast.   They begin life by having instinctual physical movements, that they have developed in the womb, such as sucking and reaching, grasping and moving their limbs and head in their physical space. By 12 months, they have learnt to have some control over these movements, for example choosing to pick up and object and having the ability to pick up that object.   They may also by this time be crawling, bum shuffling or even sofa surfing. By their second year, they will have developed muscles to control actions enough to begin to walk, point, hold small objects, feed themselves and start having increased fine motor skills. By three a child will be more confident physically, for example, with running, climbing, drawing, writing letters, using cups without lids, feeding and clothing themselves and turning pages in books.

Age 3-7

During this period, children will be refining the physical skills they have learnt so far, developing fine motor skills and discovering new talents such as riding a bike, kicking a ball and with this will be gaining confidence.   They will also be developing further, their fine motor skills, by cutting, writing, drawing, gluing and colouring.

Age 7-12

Children develop quickly during this period.   They may be developing in one particular area if they have a hobby such as dance or sport which concentrates on one area of development. If their interest is an instrument or computer games, then the child may develop their fine motor skills quicker. Girls during this time will begin puberty, hormonal surges occurring as early as 10 years old.   Boys hormones generally starting at around 13 or 14 years old.

Age 12-16

During this period, children become young people.   They start to grow taller, Most young people reach their optimum height during this time, although there will be the exception who may not have their growth spurt until the end...