Cultural Diversity

Raphael's Alba Madonna
Kashata Warren
October31, 2011
Regina Sadono

Raphael's Alba Madonna
    Raphael known for his best work The School of Athens He was very devoted to his work. “He died at the age of 37, but a lot of his works can be found in the Apostolic Palace of Vatican, where the frescoed Raphael Rooms were the central, and the largest, works of his career.” (en,)
    Most artists draw because it is their way to communicate an idea or record an idea. Artist draw for many different reasons rather it be to record, practice or just a way to express their opinion. “Most art work has been preceded by a drawing in the form of a preliminary sketch.”(
    In Raphael’s painting The Alba Madonna it would be wise to say that it was sketched as a drawing before he decided to paint it. The materials that Raphael used were “pen and ink in the period after 1505, when he was open to the influence of Leonardo’s and Michaelangelo’s approach to drawing.”( Drawings in pen and ink was a combination during those times, together washes in ink or lead white put into operation with a brush in order to add certain qualities. In Raphael’s later it is said that he used red chalk, “starting around 1514. Red chalk could be sharpened to a hard point that handled like stylus; manipulating differently, it renders very deliberate and extensive modulations of tone.”( The materials Raphael used in his painting was usually walnut oil and paper. Most painters liked the “walnut oil because it could be used to blend on the surface to create a continued scale of tone.” (Sayre)
    Raphael seemed to use drawing as a first step to conclude a painting. In his painting The Alba Madonna “he made a drawing that captured his first ideas for the group. In the drawing, he explored the basic poses and the relationship among the three figures, with rapid curved...